School of Social Work MSW Degree

לאה שלף

Dr. Leha Shelef
Dean, School of Social Work

Sapir's School of Social Work MSW degree focuses on intervention practices for children, adolescents and their families. It offers extensive theoretical knowledge together with research and clinical skills. The unique program trains social workers who treat children with adjustment difficulties due to family and developmental problems; as well as children exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as loss and trauma.
Our innovative training includes diverse courses on child and adolescent development, psychopathology, trauma, diagnostic and therapeutic intervention with children and youth in risk situations, their families and communities.  Experts in the field of intervention, offer a wide range of social work practice, innovative research and outstanding scholarship, which create new alternatives to help underserved populations. The program's novel perspective incorporates conceptualization and development of coping tools that integrates individual clinical and social issues. For example, researching the impact of poverty on children by examining both the individual developmental aspects as well the societal features of opportunities and barriers.

Students gain creative tools in diverse methods such as art and play therapy alongside intervention practices, which induce change in the psychosocial context in which the child lives. Graduates are equipped with a toolbox of academic knowledge and professional practice, flexibility, initiative, reflectivity and critical thinking. They impact individuals, families, communities and policymakers, create meaningful interventions that create better futures for their clients and Israeli society.

Sapir School of Social Work

Sapir's innovative School of Social Work aims to advance social justice and welfare for individuals, groups and communities. Our program trains and promotes social workers with a high level of personal and social awareness, whose work is based on professional values, knowledge and field practice. For over a decade, the School is known for its high-quality and professional studies. Expert faculty equip students with skills to research and develop initiatives and solutions together with local and global marginalized populations. The Schools is unique in its commitment to community involvement and its' focus on contemporary social issues. Innovative and updated courses reflect new and emerging societal needs.

Alumni Careers

Graduates of the MA program work in senior positions in public services and non-profit organizations that specialize in at-risk children and youth services. They are equipped with skills to develop intervention approaches and practice-focused tools for child and adolescent care; work  with children and adolescents in risk situations; combine individual therapy and intervention to change the psychosocial context in which the child /adolescent lives.