Computer Science

ד"ר שירה צוקר

Dr. Shira  Zucker
Chair, Computer Science Department

Sapir's Computer Science program offers the tools and methods to solve a broad spectrum of problems in all areas of life. We equip our students with a flexible skillset to develop products and advance in the rapidly changing global hi-tech market. 

Our supportive and inviting program offers demanding learning experiences that leads to high-demand and meaningful jobs in Israel's software-development sector. Incorporating core subjects in mathematics and computer science, classes take place three days a week, allowing students to start working in the industry, in parallel to their studies. Updated regularly, our program reflects ongoing emerging technologies, scientific expertise and worldwide developments. 

Proud of our personal touch, expert faculty have many affiliations in the industry, mentor students and assist in their internship placements. The department's internship program offers students opportunities to join development projects and solve real problems in relevant industries and start-ups.

Sapir's Computer Science Degree is an approved academic track of the IDF's Manpower Division for Academic Studies, to train computer specialists for Israel's armed services.

Graduates work in software development, system maintenance, research and development, etc. Others provide information system services for leading businesses, corporations and multinationals.  Graduates can advance to a Master's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Engineering, Industry and Management, and Business Administration in Israel and abroad.