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Sapir is the only Israeli academic institution located in Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope), located in the Shaar Hanegev local authority, on the outskirts of Sderot, less than 2 miles from the border. Sapir has grown to one of the largest public colleges in Israel with 8,000 students in academic and vocational programs.

On October 7th, The Sapir community suffered unbearable horror in Hamas’ brutal terrorist attack. Students, alumni and staff, as well as a member of the board of trustees, along with dozens of their family members were murdered, injured, and kidnapped.
Students and staff living in Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) were forced to evacuate their homes. Dispersed throughout the country, many have started to return to the region. However, some remain in temporary accommodation as their communities must be rebuilt.
Sapir is partnering with Minhelet Tekuma/Revival Authority to facilitate the rejuvenation of Sderot and neighboring communities in Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) and the Western Negev.  The College is helping to design the strategy to attract young people to the region. Sapir is working with government, local authorities, business, agriculture, media and tech partners to kickstart growth throughout Sderot and Otef Yisrael/Gaza Envelope.

Sapir is focusing on the following projects seeking philanthropic partnerships:

  • Tekuma Student Stipends: This program offers substantial stipends for students who move to Sderot and regional communities to live, study, and volunteer with local residents.  
  • Campus Upgrades: Sapir's classrooms and facilities will be upgraded with state-of-the-art technology to enhance online and in-person learning experiences.
  • Enhanced Undergraduate Degrees: As part of their ungraduated studies, Sapir's students will join multidisciplinary teams to create entrepreneurial initiatives that contribute to regional rehabilitation and growth.
  • New Degree Programs: The College is developing new BA and BSc programs to meet the pressing needs of the region, these include: agritech, data science, engineering; and in collaboration with the Hebrew University's School of Medicine, both pre-med and para-medical degree programs.
  • Expanded Campus: To accommodate these new programs, working with the Sderot and Shaar Hanegev authorities, Sapir College's future plans include the expansion of the campus with an additional five new buildings on a 50,000 sqm plot across the highway, doubling our physical capacity.

Partner with Sapir to provide a transformative educational experience that offers a brighter future for students, their families and their communities.