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Sapir Academic College is Israel's largest public college. Known for its centers of excellence, we offer 8,000 students a wide range of educational frameworks that include: pre-academic (Mechina), undergraduate, graduate, practical engineering and professional development programs.

Located less than two miles from the Gaza border, the College's faculty and students, like nearby residents, continue to experience ongoing rocket and terror attacks. In spite of the security challenges, the College offers students high-level education and skills; along with a range of services to local residents, creating resiliency together with social and economic mobility.

Our inspiring inclusivity policies attract students with a wide range of needs and backgrounds, from all sectors of Israeli society, with over 60% of our students coming from the Negev−Israel's southern periphery.

The College contributes to the development and resiliency of the Negev with academic, cultural, social entrepreneurship and technological innovation programs. One of the largest employers in the area, Sapir attracts young people to Israel’s southern region for their studies and beyond.

Partner with us to provide a transformative educational experience that offers a brighter future for students, their families and their communities

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Sapir Academic College
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