Our mission is to provide high quality, equitable and accessible higher education in Israel's Southern periphery.

As Israel's largest public college, we are proud of our diversity and inclusivity programs that attracts students with a wide range of needs and backgrounds.

Located in the western Negev, less than 2 miles from the Gaza border, Sapir Academic College is a beacon of light and a source of inspiration for all Israelis. Over 8,000 students and hundreds of Sapir's faculty teach and study at the College. Our faculty has a reputation for excellence, delivering innovative courses with a student-centered focus that provide the best in classroom, out of classroom and online education, to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Given its unique location and the resulting security threats it faces, Sapir is nothing short of miraculous. Known for its centers of excellence in pre-academic (Mechina), undergraduate, graduate, practical engineering and professional development programs, the College's new and imaginative Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, has the potential to redefine our campus.

Our inspiring diversity and inclusivity policies attract students with a wide range of needs and backgrounds. Over 60% come from the Negev periphery. Many among them are the first in their families to pursue a college education. The very diverse student body attracts people from all sectors of Israeli society, including many IDF veterans, students from immigrant families including the Ethiopian community and Arab Bedouins. The College's inclusive policies have also resulted in high proportion of students that have a range of disabilities and make up about 20% of the student body.

Sapir contributes to the development and resiliency of the Negev with academic, cultural, social entrepreneurship and technological innovation programs. One of the largest employers in the area, the College attracts young people to Israel’s southern region for their studies and beyond.