Professional Development Center

Kamila Milner Landskind

Since the 1970s, the Professional Development Center has been working to promote and develop one of the best training programs in Israel.

The Center enables people to develop professionally, acquire the knowledge, tools and skills necessary for successful integration into the workforce. A large and qualified team develop and implement career-oriented programs in a supportive environment.  Our innovative training focuses on labor market needs and trends. Expert staff regularly update courses based on changes in professional requirements and demand from the field.

The Professional Development Center's Certification has a prestigious reputation that opens doors to successful employment. Located on Sapir's campus, the largest public college in Israel, the Center's participants enjoy the College's amenities and services.

We are proud of the 2,000 students who choose to study with us each year, as well as the tens of thousands of graduates who have found meaningful jobs at leading positions throughout Israel.