Law School L.L.B.
The Law School at Sapir Academic College opened its gates in 2010, making it the youngest in Israel. As such, the Sapir Law School builds on fresh foundations, visionary and bold, and at the same time on theoretical and practical legal expertise, extensive knowledge in legislation and legal precedents, and profound familiarity with the foundations of Israeli law and the processes that shape the justice system. Our graduates are thus equipped with the legal education required to become Israel’s future law professionals, be it lawyers, judges or legal scholars. Just as important, the school is deeply committed to social agendas, human rights and environmental protection.  

Sapir’s legal studies program provides its graduates with an LLB degree and the tools required for professional success as legal scholars and practicing lawyers. The four-year program combines broad legal education with diverse practical training, offering its students multilevel acquaintance with all aspects of the Israeli justice system. We believe this combination is a fertile ground for the growth of first-rate legal scholars and lawyers able to provide future leadership for Israel, and the Negev area in particular.
Law studies in Sapir open up broad vistas of theory and practice for the students, contribute to their individual empowerment and social sensitivity, and hone their skills as legal experts able and willing to contribute to Israeli society in the areas of individual and human rights and in developing a culture founded on the values of ethics and justice in the government, economy, welfare, health and other areas.

Career Opportunities
Sapir’s LLB program combines scholarly theory and hands-on practice, professional responsibility and social awareness. In addition to their legal education, the school considers the students’ post-graduation career progress to be a key priority. Accordingly, it has established a career development scheme that accompanies the students from their very first day at school until they become certified lawyers.
As part of this scheme, first-year students visit courts in the Southern District, observe hearings and meet with judges and senior public prosecutors and defenders. During the second year, students meet with lawyers from various legal fields, as well as interns from a wide range of leading legal firms in Israel. During the third year, students receive training in writing their CVs and passing job interviews. Finally, towards the end of the third year and the beginning of the fourth, they complete their placement process and prepare to start practicing law immediately upon graduation. The career scheme prepares the students not only for their internship but also for their bar examinations, expressing its commitment to support them in every step of their legal professionalization.
Throughout the course of the program, the school encourages its students and supports them in volunteering in legal and semi-legal areas. At the end of the third year, a placement fair is held where the students are interviewed by leading legal firms in southern Israel. In addition, the career development scheme also helps individual students in getting interviewed by legal firms in central Israel.

The Social Rights Clinic
The Social Rights Clinic was established in the 2011/12 academic year as part of Sapir Law School’s clinic system. The clinic is designed to promote the exercise of social rights of people leaving in the college area, particularly members of socially marginalized groups. It acts as a center for legal assistance provided by the students, contacted by people who find it difficult to exercise their legal rights for whatever reason. The clinic operates three branches: in Sderot, Ofakim and Beersheba.


  • Administrative staff

    Dr. Yofi Tirosh, Head of the Law School