School of Social Work

>> International social work

This is a unique field of global social work studies in Israel. The track aims to enhance knowledge and awareness of the social implications of globalization, and to promote discourse on international social problems and needs, as well as discourse on the role of social work professionals in international contexts. The international social work program challenges the students through exposure to worldwide issues, including poverty, human rights, immigration, foreign workers, multiculturalism, and natural and man-made disasters. In this track, the students engage in field work training in countries such as Ethiopia and India, in collaboration with local universities.

>> The international social work track

The International Social Work Studies Program was established by the School of Social Work at Sapir College in 2008. The program instills students with knowledge of the ramifications of globalization on ‘invisible’ or unseen communities around the world, with a focus on refugees, asylum seekers and at-risk communities in Israel. The majority of participants are women, and their experiences in the program enable them to learn about social work through the context of projects for women and youth who live in extremely harsh conditions in Israel and around the world. Since its inception, 44 students have participated in the program.
The program includes theoretical and experimental workshops and seminars over the course of the academic year focusing on topics such as social aspects of the globalization process.

>> Students also engage in field work training throughout the year at three different types of organizations

  • Municipal social service agencies in Israel
  • Nonprofit welfare organizations
  • A national governmental detainment facility for illegal residents from African countries.

>> External Internship opportunity in Right Based Community Practice (RBCP)

Sapir Academic College and the Negev Rights Based Community Practice Centers (RBCP) in Israel invite you to a unique, international, condensed and affordable course and internship in RBCP theory, principles and methods.

This program is designed for graduate students interested in working with marginalized communities through interdisciplinary methods that combine community organizing, human rights, law and advocacy practice. The program is geared for students majoring in the fields of social work, law, public policy and international community development. The program includes academic components, study tours, practical work at the RBCP centers in the Negev, Israel and social activities.

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