Clone of M.F.A. in Cinema - Production & Theory

"Home" Winner DocAviv Student Competition 2020
פרופ' סמי שלום שטרית

Professor Sami Shalom Chetrit
Dean, School of Audio and Visual Arts

ענת זלצר

Anat Zeltzer
Director of the Graduate Program

Sapir's School of Audio and Visual Arts' prestigious MFA degrees cultivate and deepen the socio-cultural concepts reflected in our undergraduate programs. The School and its graduate programs promote local and international collaborations with various academic institutions in Europe and the United States. Founded on the principle of deep intellectual growth as a basis for cinematic practice, we provide a creative environment for students to develop their dreams and scripts.

At the core of our pedagogic approach is to create cinema that is committed to the reality in which we live, to leverage social and conceptual transformations; and as a dynamic medium that adapts to ongoing dramatic changes such as multiple devices and channels.

Central components of our program include a writing incubator with individual and group mentoring, a documentary research incubator for films, TV and web series, seminars that encourage in-depth research in various cinematic disciplines and practical field based seminars. We provide outstanding academic studies and applied courses that integrate theory and skills.  Professional workshops offer advanced training in filming, editing, soundtrack, gaming, video art and video therapy, utilizing the 'Theory through Practice' approach, which is rapidly developing around the world. We are the first film school in Israel to implement this method.

The graduate degree program provides two tracks: a professional MFA for filmmakers that have a bachelor's degree in Film and/ or Audio and Visual Arts, and a creative MFA for people with a variety of undergraduate degrees.  Professionals can continue to work and study in parallel. Courses in both tracks are concentrated on one day a week over two years and one day a month for individual and group mentoring to advance students' final project.