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Special Studies in a Special Academy
Welcome to an innovative and young world, Sapir College’s academic environment. Our departments offer unique programs developed to prepare students to a successful future in the dynamic job market of the future. Sapir’s programs combine university-level theoretical studies with practical training in sought-after areas of expertise in the business, financial, industrial, Humanities, Communication, art and media worlds.

Quality Countryside College
The college campus is located in an area of rural towns and villages, and offers state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. It offers quality catering, sports, cultural and welfare services. Even more importantly, it is home to some of the best faculty Israel’s universities have to offer, ensuring first-class education using innovative instruction methods. The result is a charming green campus, far from metropolitans, that can compete with the prestigious colleges in the US and the UK.  
Our students arrive here from all across the country: from the Galilee, the center, Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem and of course the south. We offer them hundreds of housing units and dorms in neighboring kibbutzim and small cities, making for a lively student life. We believe in maintaining a supportive learning environment, as thousands of satisfied students are only too happy to attest to.

Rich Student Life
The college invests considerable efforts in cultivating the students’ quality of life, so that their time in Sapir will remain etched in their memory for years to come. The variety of campus activities we offer is huge: quality films and cultural activities in our cinematheque, sports center, sport teams, student association, employment opportunities, mentorship program with scholarships, swimming pool and gym, student pubs, cultural productions, student radio station, job fair, student newsletters, trekking and cycling groups that cover the entire country, rock concerts into the night, theater and art performances. Had enough? The fact that the students live in neighboring rural communities contributes to the unique social life at the campus and to a special atmosphere that combines fun with quality studies and an attractive degree.

Note: the tuition in our college is identical to that of public universities, and lower than in other private colleges.  
Subject to the Law, Soldiers that has finished the military service of the IDF or community service programs are exempt from first-year tuition fees.

Sapir’s Academic Campus Programs
Today, over 8,500 students study in Sapir’s campus in various programs. Students arriving in Sapir are offered a broad range of unique and exclusive programs, in some of the most innovative departments in Israel. Our programs are the outcome of an educational development effort that places emphasis on preparing our graduates for their future career, ensuring quick employment and rapid progress in the job market, and a solid basis for continuing studies for advanced degrees in universities in Israel and worldwide.

MA Studies
•    Public Administration and Policy  (M.A.)
•    Film Production and Theory (MA / MFA)
•    Human Resources – Developing & management  (M.A.)
•    Social Work – Specialized Treatment for Children & Youngsters (M.SW)

BA Studies
•    Law: School of Low  (LLB)
•    Accounting: Economics and Accounting (B.A.)
•    Exact Sciences
o    First-Year Engineering
o    First-Year Sciences
o    Computer Sciences (
•    Media & Communication
o    School of Communication  (B.A.)
o    Cinema & Television  (B.F.A.)
•    Humanities & Social Sciences
o    School of Social Work  (B.sw)
o    Culture, Creation and Production (B.A.)
o    Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A.)
•    Management & Marketing
o    Human Resources Management  (B.A.)
o    Logistics (B.A.)
o    Economics and Management (B.A.)
o    Public Administration and Policy (B.A.)
o    Industrial Management  (B.A.)
o    Technological & International Marketing (B.A.)

Additional Sapir Institutes
Beside its academic campus, Sapir College is home to four higher education institutes:
•    The Pre-Academic Center is designed to prepare students who have not met their department’s admission requirements for subsequent academic studies. The main programs offered by the center include a) general-purpose and dedicated preparatory programs. B) completing and improving high-school diploma or matriculation (bagrut) scores,
•    The Center of Practical Engineering and Technology offers studies towards a practical engineering diploma in a variety of sought-after specializations. Practical engineering studies may be combined with an academic BA programs, with a significant tuition discount and time saving.
•    The School of Art, offers prestigious programs such as art coaching that may be combined with academic studies for a BA in Culture, Creation and Production, as well as video-art, plastic art, drawing and painting, ceramics, jewelry design, Photo-therapy etc.
•    The Center for External Studies, Vocational & advanced studies , Training and Certification serves Sapir students as well as the residents of the entire region with over 100 courses.