Sapir Academic College, established in 1998, is Israel's largest public college, with approximately 7,000 students, over 70% from the Negev. Sapir's diverse student body reflects a broad spectrum of Israeli society including Jews, Bedouins, Olim, urban and rural residents, coming from different religious backgrounds and political orientations.
Located less than a mile from the Gaza border, near the city of Sderot, it has endured rocket fire and ongoing threats of attack for the last 17 years.  

Sapir's mission is to provide students, the majority from the periphery, with high quality, equitable and accessible higher education. Most students are the first in their families to attend college, many from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. College education at Sapir transforms their lives, opening doors to economic and social opportunities. 

The campus is home to an academic and technical college offering a wide range of high-level undergraduate, graduate degrees and technical diplomas, continuing (adult) education and youth programs. The College also operates specialized programs for IDF soldiers and officers, providing academic and vocational opportunities. 

Sapir provides a rich campus life with a variety of programs. The campus  hosts college events and lectures, numerous local and national conferences every year, including one of Israel's most prestigious conferences - The Sapir-Sderot Conference on Israeli Society and the famous Cinema South International Film Festival.  In addition, Sapir students operate the annual Culture South Festival (M’Darom) in the city of Ofakim.  

Sapir is an educational, economic, cultural and technological anchor for the Western Negev.

Social responsibility is an integral component of Sapir's vision.  About 500 Sapir students and faculty volunteer annually in various communal activities. Student volunteer programs offer local residents a variety of services including, community building workshops, youth work, legal clinics, cultural programs, home visits to WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors. In addition, Sapir offers special programs for students and residents to help build resilience, especially during times of trauma and conflict.
Sapir is proud to contribute to the development and resiliency of the Negev. The College is among the largest employers in the area, attracting young people to Israel’s southern periphery. Sapir significantly improves the quality of life in the region vital to Israel’s economy, security, and society.
Sapir graduates are filling meaningful roles throughout Israeli society. Law School and Accountancy alumni received the highest grades at the Israeli Bar & CPA exams overtaking the results of prestigious Israeli universities. Film School graduates win international and national prizes. School of Social Work graduates are filling important positions in municipalities and NGOs throughout Israel. Computer Studies graduates are working at various hi-tech companies. Alumni from various departments have created their own start-ups. We are proud of our diverse and talented alumni, who are contributing to the development of the Negev and Israel.