Digital Health innovations play an important role in improving people's health. In addition, digital healthcare has a tremendous potential for creating significant economic value for individuals, society and entrepreneurs.  Sapir's Digital Health Lab's goal is to develop digital-health-oriented ventures that promote physical and mental health, and healthy lifestyles with a focus on human behavior and methods to harness it. Now more than ever during the Corona virus pandemic, online health platforms are a crucial tool in providing quick and safe alternatives for health care providers for their patients.

Lab Management:

Academics: Technological Marketing Department
Laboratory Director: Dr. Shay Faitelzon
Mentor: Ms. Shira Lev-Ami

Industry  & Local Authority Partners: Phillips, Cisco, Novologist, Remedy, aMoon Foundation, HMDE, Biostat, Innovation Center at Sheba Medical Center, Soroka Medical Center, Western Negev Cluster, SouthUp Accelerator