The Crown Family Social Entrepreneurship Program launched at Sapir College in 2022, to nurture students to become active social entrepreneurs.  Participants are equipped with innovative skills to develop effective and sustainable solutions that address societal issues, with a special focus on communities in the Western Negev and the Gaza Envelope.

The College’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship orchestrates the Social Entrepreneurship Program. The Program pursues a multi-channel approach, including:


Social Entrepreneurship courses offer models and theories of: civil society, impact investing, results-oriented evaluation, economics, creative thinking, and design tools.

Practical Experience

Program participants volunteer in Sapir's award winning Community Engagement Unit, acquiring invaluable insight to local social needs. They volunteer in a range of activities providing services to disadvantaged communities, from school children to senior citizens.
To gain hands-on experience, the young social entrepreneurs join the Center’s Innovation Labs to map out the social challenges they plan to address. Guided by expert mentors, they develop entrepreneurial solutions.  In addition, they enjoy the services of the Center’s Entrepreneurship Clinics which provide software, UI/UX, business, marketing, and legal services.

Seed Funding & Accelerator

Outstanding social ventures are selected by an external adjudication committee.  
The chosen initiatives receive seed funding to develop a proof of concept (POC), together with entry to a 4-month accelerator to create a socially impactful sustainable venture.

Small Business Services

Employment issues continue to impact the Negev’s social cohesion and resilience. The program’s Innovation Training courses, seminars, and services provide the crucial tools needed to expand or develop new small businesses–the backbone of the region's economy, thereby improving local residents' lives.