Hillel at Sapir College is one of the eight Hillel Israel centers. It seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish identity and to feel a sense of belonging to "The Global Jewish People." Engaging over 20,000 Israeli students per year in meaningful Jewish experiences, Hillel Israel is the Israeli center of the World Hillel Organization, which operates on 500 campuses in 15 different countries.

Hillel at Sapir launched in in 2007, with the aim of inspiring students to take responsibility for their Jewish identity via meaningful activity in the local community, encounters with young Jews from overseas and renewing relationships with eternal Jewish values and culture. 

Today, many young Israelis see their Israeli identity detached from their Jewishness. Our mission is to enable a new way to recognize and experience Judaism. Without belonging to a particular movement or stream, based on a tolerant and respectful approach, we invite all voices and opinions for development, renewal and learning. Among our many programs are:

Sapir's Communications students produce a unique radio show presenting an innovative look on the weekly Torah portion "Parashim B'layla". The show explores various Jewish narratives in Israel and worldwide, creating original and inspiring new insights that connect the ancient Bible to the 21st century.

One of our flagship projects is "Humans of Otef Aza". Sapir students, who live in Gaza Envelope communities, document their lives via pictures and videos, highlighting an unmediated view of life in this complex region. Students offer fresh and personal insights−that raise awareness of the amazing resiliency and strengths of local communities.

The Hillel Center together with Sapir received the prestigious Campus Partnership Award, in recognition of the meaningful partnership between the College, our Hillel Center and Hillel International.  We work in close cooperation with Hillel Israel's Director General Mrs. Noga Brenner-Samia.