Israeli cinema just got a major boost. One of the country’s most versatile artists has just been appointed to head the film acting track at Sapir’s School of Audio and Visual Arts.

Esti Zakheim’s thirty year acting career spans theatre, television and cinema. Among other things, she won the Ofir Award for Supporting Actress (“Lilsada”) and the Ophir Award (Israel’s Oscar) for Best Leading Actress (“Afula Express”). Zakheim chaired the Israeli Actors Guild for five years and has starred in almost 30 films.  Recent acting roles include The Silent, Shemi Zarhin’s new political thriller; Revolutionaries, where she plays Sigmund Freud’s wife; and a theatrical adaption of Uri Orlev’s childrens’ book Sabta Soreget.

Prof. Sami Shalom Chetrit, Dean of the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir, hailed the appointment as a milestone for the college.  “Zakheim brings to our program breadth of experience, professional skill and an engaging personality – all vital assets as we proceed to cultivate Israel’s next generation of film artists.”

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It was a crowning moment when 89 outstanding students at Sapir College received merit scholarships for academic excellence, 79 of them with great distinction and ten with the highest distinction. The fact that many of them hail from underserved communities in Israel’s social and geographic periphery only made it sweeter and more poignant. Liat Aleemo, a student at Sapir’s Cultural Studies program, explained how academic achievement is intimately connected to her own personal growth. “The opportunity to study theory at Sapir helped me frame my own experience in a broader social context.
It was the first event of its kind. Twenty seven students from the Sapir Academic College Innovation Lab met with representatives of JDC-Israel to pioneer a new approach to social service and advocacy. They’re all part of course at Sapir’s Communications Department, organized in conjunction with JDC, on the interface between digital communities and the third sector.  Under the direction of Dr. Omer Keinan, students follow and analyze relevant social media content and then build effective digital communities to help JDC improve its social intervention programs.