Sapir Announces New College President: Professor Nir Kedar

After a careful search process and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors, Sapir Academic College is proud to announce that Prof. Nir Kedar will serve as its next President.

Kedar succeeds Prof. Shai Feldman, who asked to step down after having served in that capacity for three years.

Prof. Kedar is currently Vice President for Academic Affairs at Sapir.  Prior to that he served as Dean of Sapir’s Law School, and Professor of Law and History at Bar Ilan University.

Professor Kedar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and History from Tel Aviv University, and Doctoral degree from Harvard University in Law and Legal History. He clerked for the then President of Israel’s Supreme Court, Professor Aharon Barak. He is the author of five books and has penned numerous articles in his field of expertise.

Gilead Sher, Chair of Sapir’s Board of Directors, expressed his heartfelt thanks to outgoing President Feldman. “Sapir Academic College,” added Sher, “is blessed with outstanding faculty and staff. The people who serve and teach here have made Sapir one of Israel’s leading academic institutions. I know Nir personally and am confident that under his leadership, the College will continue to grow and reach new academic horizons."

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