Sapir faculty Professor Nurit Gertz, recently published a book, titled Ma Sha'avad B'zman -"What Was Lost in Time: Biography of a Friendship".

This bestselling book is about her four-decade friendship with internationally renowned Israeli author Amos Oz. 

Gertz is the founder of the Sapir’s Culture, Creativity and Production Department and director of its graduate program. Her book tells the story of their wide-ranging conversations in times of peace and war, family and work, in letters that crossed oceans and phone calls, the last of which took place when Oz was close to death. It reveals new details about Oz's life, combining them into Gertz's story of her own life. 

Since its publication, this innovative biographical novel has garnered intense public interest and rave reviews in Israel's media with special coverage in their culture and literature sections.

נורית גרץ


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