Dean of Students Office

אלון גייר

Mr. Alon Gayer
Dean of Students

רוית צרפתי אברהם

Mrs. Ravit Avraham Zarfati
Associate Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for students' welfare and wellbeing, providing support for both academic success and meaningful student experiences. The Dean of Students office also offers campus activities including annual cultural and ceremonial events, job fairs and exhibitions, as well as subsidized extracurricular enrichment courses and workshops.
As a student-centered College, we take immense pride in our unique supportive platforms. The Dean and his dedicated staff are always on call; it is not just a job, but also a mission to ensure every student's access to success.  We offer unprecedented services, providing a wide variety of personalized academic accessibility programs, counselling and financial aid to solve challenges before they grow into problems.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Applicants come from families in distressed financial situations. Many cannot afford to pay for their most basic needs such as housing and food as well as tuition. Some are the sole providers for their families, supporting their children and/ or parents and siblings.

Granted on a sliding scale, based on family income and needs, our financial aid programs offers tuition scholarships and living stipends.  This economic assistance enables higher rates of retention, enabling students to graduate. The College is committed to accessible education and allocates scholarship funding from its constrained operating budget. Our students' needs continue to expand outstripping our limited resources.

Sapir depends on the outstanding generosity of donors from Israel and overseas to fund financial assistance programs. Without their support, we could not offer the crucial scholarships and stipends programs, which provides our students with a transformative educational experience, leading to their social and economic mobility.

Scholastic Excellence Merit Scholarships

In addition to economic aid scholarships, Sapir's Excellence Scholarships recognizes outstanding students' academic achievements. Awarded to scholars who maintain above 90% grade average and maintain a full time academic schedule.

Accessibility Center

Sapir is proud to operate one of the first and among the largest Student Accessibility Centers in Israel. It realizes our mission to provide accessible, inclusive and high-quality education for all of our students. The Center offers individualized solutions for students with a range of needs and abilities including, mobility, sight and hearing disabilities, mental health, chronic conditions and learning disorders.

PTSD, Mental and Medical Health Services

The Dean's Office offers advice, exam assistance and options for students dealing with serious illness, chronic conditions and mental health issues, as well as services for pregnant and post-partum students. In addition, due to our Gaza border location and experience with ongoing traumatic events such as rocket fire and incendiary terror balloons, many students require PTSD treatments and other psychological services. A Resiliency Center (Merkaz Hosen) is located on campus. Therapy subsidies are available to students that meet the criteria.

Arab Bedouin Student Services Unit

Established in the Dean of Student's Office, in 2019, with the support of the Council for Higher Education. The Unit offers personalized and group based academic tutoring, exam preparation, Hebrew and English language skills workshops, student mentors, Arab Bedouin identity and communal initiatives, as well as a rich variety of cultural and social shared society programing for Arab Bedouin and Jewish students. In addition, the unit is working closely with our recently inaugurated Career Center.