On The Threshold

Israel 2021 | 59 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew Subtitles

Tomer, suffering from depression, shuts himself for five years in his room. A flimsy wall separates him from his wife and children.Twenty years ago, Tomer started a hard journey of growth, when he met Hanna, his caretaker in kibbutz Harduf, who became his mother figure. Hanna's dying days now frees him, pushing him to realize his potential in the world as an artist and abandon the boundaries of his room, back to his wife and children.

Production: Yonatan Haimovich
Script: Yonatan Haimovich, Alon Hershkowitz
Cinematography: Yonatan Haimovich
Editing: Alon Hershkowitz
Sound Design: Dror H. Shiman
Supporting Funds: Galil Cinema Project

On the Threshold_ by Yonatan Haimovich