Israel | 2022 | 20 min. | Hebrew | TV Pilot

Elinor moves to live in a kibbutz alone to fulfill her dream of writing, but her life is a comedy of errors and the exact opposite happens, everything goes wrong and is noisy and it becomes clear to Eleanor that being alone is not so simple. Instead of dealing with it, she's constantly looking for men to be with at night and will do anything to not sleep alone.

Directing: Amit Algali
Production: Yasmin Hoffman
Script: Linoy Sason
Cinematography: Adir Benisti
Editing: Noam Sevilya
Sound Design & Original Score: Tomy Rotem
Cast: Linoy Sason, Imri Biton, Janine Straus, Eitan Yehud, Alisa Vaisburd, Boniel Ofri, Keren Machlev.

Elinor - Official Trailer