Retreat - Studio Darom Participants 2024


In the midst of the desert, Hagar, a failed resort manager and her son, meet a captivating new guest - Roni. As Roni becomes a part of their lives, a bond forms between them, giving them hope for a better future. However, the ideas and actions of Roni set off a chain of strange and disturbing events, threatening Hagar's control of the resort and ultimately endangering her son's life.

רועי קנבסקי

Roy Kanevsky | Director

Roy is a writer and film director. Working on films, music videos and commercials. Graduated with honors from ORT Film & TV College, his last film "The Guard" (Short, 2024) won the "Short on the way" competition at TISFF 25#. His previous film "The Fisherman's Wife" (Short, 2022) was funded by the Gesher Multi-cultural Fund and has been screened in several film festivals around the world. Roy has written and directed 6 short films so far, and is currently working on his first full-length feature film.

הראל בן מלך

 Harel Ben Melech | Producer

Harel owns Tiara Films, a production company based in Israel. With over a decade in the industry, she has produced around 20 award-winning short films showcased at festivals worldwide. Her film "The Visit" was screened at Cannes, and "The Sun Rises Down Below" won Best Short Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival and was considered for an Oscar. Tiara Films is also producing commercials and music videos for top brands and artists. Harel has been involved in producing film festivals and award-winning TV series. Currently, she is working on distributing several short films and completing two feature films in post-production.