Israel 2012 | 54  min. | Hebrew, Arabic | Hebrew subtitles 

The tragicomic story of two brothers who survive by working as mechanics in a small garage in Sderot. Under the hail of missiles from Gaza, they comment the harsh reality of life in southern Israel during brotherly arguments oozing with black humour. The film is juxtaposing their disheveled lives with the drama of conflict intensifying around them. As much a funny and moving family story as a devastating commentary on the absurdity of war.

Production: Robby Elmaliah, Avner Faingulernt, Arik Bernstein – Sapir Academic collage, Alma Productions
Cinematography: Ronen Krok
Editing: Ofir Raul Graizer, Tal Yaari
Music: Avi Vaknin
Sound Design: Ami Arad, DB Studios
Supporting & Funds: Noga Communications, Channel 8, Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, AICF
Festivals: Ji.hlava Internationa, Documentary Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival ,  True/Fals Film Fest

Hula & Natan - The Official Trailer