Israel 2021 | 101 min. | Arabic, Hebrew | Hebrew & English subtitles

Sami lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kid. An invitation to his brother’s wedding forces him to return to the Palestinian village where he grew up. After the wedding, with no explanation, the village is put under lockdown by Israeli soldiers. Chaos rises overnight amongst those stuck within the walls. Cut off from the outside world, trapped in an unexpected situation, Sami watches as everything falls apart.

Production: Yehonatan Paran, Nadav Palti, Tami Mozes-Borovitz, Raanan Gershoni, Keren Michael
Script: Eran Kolirin
Cinematography: Shai Goldman
Editing: Arik Lahav Leibovich, Haim Tabekman
Music: Habib Shehadeh Hanna
Sound Design: Aviv Aldema, Bruno Mercere, Itay Elohev
Cast: Alex Bakri, Juna Suleiman, Salim Daw, Ehab Elias Salami
Supporting Funds: Israel Film Fund, Channel 13, CNC Aide aux cinémas du monde, Région Ile de France, Pyramid, Mifal HaPayis, International Finance Corporation - Barbara Dobkin
Festivals: Cannes


לוגו קרן הקולנוע הישראלי
לוגו מפעל הפיס
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let there be morning- Eran Kulirin