Israel 2021 | 75 min. | Hebrew | Hebrew & English subtitles 

Haredi women are forbidden to run for parliament. One woman is determined to change this historic ban. Fighting against her own community with her friends, brings a huge personal price, but Esty won't stop until she achieves equal rights for 600,000 women.

Production: Anna Somershaf, Tal Barda
Script: Anna Somershaf, Tal Brog
Cinematography: Emmanuelle Mayer
Editing: Tal Brog
Music: Didi Erez
Sound Design: Rotem Dror
Supporting Funds: Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, The Makor Foundation, AVI CHAI Foundation, Maimonides Fund Israel, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, US Embassy in Israel

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Woman Of Valor - The Official Trailer