Israel 2004 | 250 min | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

In the winter of 1992, scientist Helen Fisher isolated the material from which love is made. Fisher researched and found that love is an abnormal hormonal substance consisting of three chemical elements. Ten years after the discovery, Folman embarks on a journey in an attempt to trace the material from which love is made, as it is expressed in eight unique and magical Israeli love stories. Along with the love stories, the series will feature scientists, geneticists, and psychologists drawn in a rotoscope animation. A series that is largely a kind of conceptual introduction to "Waltz with Bashir", in Folman's attempt to understand the most overwhelming and total emotion of all but also the most elusive and difficult to articulate.

Production, Script & Cinematography: Ari Folman
Editing: Nili Feller
Music: Berry Sakharof
Sound Design: Aviv Aldema
Supporting Funds: The New Fund for Cinema and TV

The Material that Love is Made of