Israel 1996 | 85 min | Hebrew & Russian | Hebrew & English Subtitles

The love story between a 13-year-old Israeli boy and a 13-year-old Russian immigrant girl with a very special talent provides the basis for this energetic youthful outing. Clara is the new girl and soon becomes quite popular when she uses her psychic powers to help everyone in her class ace their math tests. Her teacher and the administrators nearly go frantic trying to find out who cheated. Later two rebellious classmates devise a scheme to exploit Clara to start a revolution in school, but Clara has a few plans of her own and they involve being alone with Tikel, one of the conspirators.

Production: Mark Rosenbaum, Uri Sabag
Script: Ari Folman, Ori Sivan
Cinematography: Valentin Belonogov
Editing: Dov Stoyer
Music: Berry Sakharof
Sound Design: Gil Toren
Cast: Lucy Dubinchik,  Halil Elohev, Yigal Naor,  Maya Maron
Supporting Funds: Israel Film Fund
Festivals: Karlovy Vary


Saint Clara