Israel 2020 | 77 min | Hebrew, French & Moroccan | Hebrew & English subtitles 

Raymonde - diva, queen, enigma, inspiration, survivor, widow, woman, and mother. Armed with a camera, Yael Abecassis followed her mother and stepped into a world where she had always been a stranger. “You know, daughter, Morocco is a kind of therapy,” Raymonde says, and for the first time, they embark on a journey together: from a childhood in the mellah of Casablanca to the dunes of Ashdod and back to Morocco, where the mother became the legendary Raymonde El Bidaoia - a world-famous Moroccan singer. As they journey, Yael discovers a woman who articulates her weaknesses and the complexities of her choices with keen self-awareness, even when mother and daughter are transposed, twined together by guilt, admiration, pain, and above all else—limitless love and music 

Director: Yael Abecassis
Production: Hillel Roseman, Yael Abecassis
Production Company: Cassis Films
Editing: Tal Rabiner
Cinematography: Yoram Millo
Sound Design: Avi Mizrahi
Music: Assaf Talmud
Funds & Broadcasters: HOT 8, Rabinovich Foundation - Cinema Project, AVI CHAI Foundation and Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts
Festivals: Docaviv

לוגו פרוייקט הקולנוע הישראלי
לוגו ערוץ שמונה
לוגו מפעל הפיס
לוגו המועצה הישראלית לקולנוע
לוגו משרד התרבות והספורט
לוגו המיזם המשותף
לוגו סרטי קאסיס