Israel 2020 | 60 minutes | No Dialogue

The tale of an old Captain going out to open seas for the last time on the boat he has build for whom the sea is his freedom and the boat his home. He clings to the boat, squeaking and falling apart, pushing him to the limit, making him feel strong and young, keeping him alive. The Captain’s voyage is dependent on no place, time, or destination; his aim isn't to reach any particular place, and perhaps not even to return.
This is an intimate, wordless farewell of a veteran seaman in the twilight of his life, sailing through the storm on his way to the end.

Producers: Avishai Peretz, Levi Zini, Keren Alexander - Doc.Films
Screenwriter: Keren Alexander
Cinematographer: Adi Mozes
Sound Design: Daniel Meir, Alex Claude
Edited by: Yotam Sas, Keren Alexander
Editing Advisor: Noit Geva
Featuring: Ilan Meirson
Color Grading: Peleg Levi
Visual Effects: Sascha Engel
Foley Artist: Aleksandra Stojanovic
Additional shootings: Pablo Arcuschin
Archive Shooting: Yossi Yaakov, Talia Galon, Guy Meirson, Nir neeman
Funds & Broadcasters: The New  Fund for Cinema , The Dobkin Family Foundation, The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, The JFW of the Greater Palm Beaches, The U.S. Embassy Israel, The Laurie M.Tisch Illumination Fund, and Ms. Anat Kerem Angel, Ministry of Culture and Sport - The Israeli Film Council, The Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Inter Civilization Dialog - Matanel Foundation & Emid, The Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Produced with the generous support of The Blavatnik Student Film Production Fund
Festivals: DocAviv

לוגו הקרן החדשה לקולנוע וטלוויזיה
לוגו קרן מטנל
לוגו בית הספר לקולנוע אוניב' תל אביב
לוגו ג'וינט ישראל אשל
לוגו משרד התרבות והספורט
לוגו המועצה הישראלית לקולנוע
לוגו קרן בלווטניק
Coda for a Captain - Official Trailer