The global shutdown of movie theaters due to COVID-19, after 120 years of existence, generated a profound upheaval. The fact that the shutdown did occur, if even for a period of three months, begs the question – What possible effects can it have on cinematic creation and on the consumption of films, now and in the future?

Cinema South Festival invites Israeli and International filmmakers to submit their short films (between 2-5 minutes), that focus, in a reflexive manner, on the cinematic medium. How is the cinematic image unique given the changes? Are the movie theaters and big screens a must for the existence of filmmaking? Is cinema still cinema without the presence of a live audience and the viewing experience in theaters? Is the shift to digital platforms detrimental or beneficial to filmmakers? How does the change impact the filmmaker's status? What does the future for cinema hold?

We invite you to submit all genre of films: Feature, documentary, experimental, thesis, hybrid, animation and others, based on the regulations that appear on the website.

Submission of entries by Sunday, 30.7.2020 at 16:00

The selected films will be screened in the "Cinema After" program at the 2020 Cinema South International Film Festival. Prizes will awarded totaling NIS 5,000.

Who can submit?

  • Students and graduates of local and foreign film schools
  • Israeli and international filmmakers
  • Films between 2-5 minutes in length

The application must be submitted via electronic registration form signed by the applicant on the Festival website.

The Festival board is authorized, at its discretion and at any time, to disqualify the application of any film whereby the details on the registration form are incomplete and/or incorrect and/or the applicant did not comply with an undertaking above and/or according to these regulations.

For questions and more information – email