Dear Friends,
Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and generosity, which have been vital in helping Sapir College overcome challenges and pursue its mission of empowering education, especially during these difficult times. Your philanthropic contributions have facilitated various essential initiatives, including material and mental health support, campus security enhancements, equipment upgrades, refurbishments, and the provision of laptops for students.
Despite facing adversity, Sapir College commenced its academic year, online, on December 24, 2023. The journey was marked by challenges, including the evacuation of 1,500 students and staff, followed by the emergency deployment of 1,000 students for Miluim (reserve) duty. Nonetheless, we're immensely proud of our resilient staff and students who have shown remarkable dedication. Thanks to philanthropic partners Sapir designed and implemented staff workshops and a guidance platform to assist in launching the academic year and to provide  faculty with the  tools to identify trauma triggers of staff and students. Our staff evacuees have started to return.  Some are still in temporary accommodation, as their communities and sense of security must  still be rebuilt. Sapir held a number of re-boarding sessions with specialists to help orient faculty back to work and life in the region.

Returning staff receive a plant

I am especially proud that despite the war, our School of  Audio and Visual Arts held the 22nd  Cinema South Film Festival ( later than planned due to the war) this past March. It was mobile event with screenings all over the country, focusing on places where there were large numbers of evacuees.

Cinema South Film Festival Event at Shefayim (temporary housing for evacuees) in memory of Ofir Libstein, Sapir Board Member and  Head of the Regional Authority Sha'ar HaNegev, murdered on October 7th.

Cinema South Film Festival Event at Shefayim (temporary housing for evacuees) in memory of Ofir Libstein, Sapir Board Member and  Head of the Regional Authority Sha'ar HaNegev, murdered on October 7th.

The College is on a path of renewal, upgrading and creating new degree programs. As you will see below, Sapir is developing into a unique institution of higher education with a focus on applied science together with regional impact, which will contribute to the development of Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) and the Western Negev.

Spring Semester Update

The spring semester commenced on March 31, 2024, with a continued focus on online classes supplemented by departmental meet-ups and a gradual transition toward a hybrid format, offering both in-person and online courses. This semester, Sapir introduced a new MA program in Public Administration and Policy with a specialization in Education, along with upgraded MA degrees in various fields such as Communications and New Media, Culture Studies, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management. We're delighted to report that our spring enrollment for these programs has exceeded expectations.

Launch of the Spring Semester at Sapir's Campus

Launch of the Spring Semester at Sapir's Campus

Regional Rejuvenation Efforts

Sapir College is proud to collaborate with Israel's Minhelet Tekuma/Revival Authority in facilitating the rejuvenation of Sderot and neighboring communities in Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) and the Western Negev. The Revival Authority views the College-the largest local employer - as a hub for innovation and growth. Sapir plays a crucial role in driving demographic and economic progress in the region. Recently, Sapir was selected by Bank Hapoalim for a significant grant of ₪10,000,000 that will support the development of academic programs aimed at addressing local challenges and fostering innovative solutions. This important donation will enable Sapir to upgrade its degree studies to include student field work in entrepreneurial initiatives that will impact and assist regional rehabilitation and growth. I am very grateful for Bank Hapoalim’s management’s trust, support, and guidance in our shared goals: to equip students with entrepreneurship and leadership skills; connect academics to practice; and most importantly, contribute to the rehabilitation and development of Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) and the Western Negev communities.

Open Day at Sapir 2024

Open Day at Sapir 2024

Expansion and Upgrades

To meet the evolving needs of our students and Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) and Western Negev communities, Sapir is developing new degree programs in agritech, data science, engineering, and pre-med in collaboration with the Hebrew University. Working with the Sderot and Shaar Hanegev municipalities, future plans to accommodate these programs include the expansion of the campus with an additional five new buildings on a 50,000 sqm plot across the highway, doubling our physical capacity.
Equally important, Sapir is committed to upgrading current classrooms with state-of-the-art technology and renovating existing facilities to enhance students online and in-person learning experiences.
The planned new Law School building is Sapir’s flagship capital project. The planning stage for the building permit will be completed by the end of 2024, thanks to an important donation from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.
Student Scholarships and Housing

As part of our commitment to regional revival, Sapir, in collaboration with the Sderot municipality, is encouraging students to live locally by offering grants to cover tuition and living expenses. This initiative aims to revitalize Sderot and create a supportive environment for students to thrive academically and contribute to the region's rejuvenation and growth.
Your continued support and partnership are invaluable as we embark on these transformative initiatives. Sapir College remains a beacon of hope and resilience in the Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope) / Western Negev, thanks to your unwavering commitment to our shared mission. I look forward to visiting the USA in May and meeting with many of you.

Best Wishes for Passover

As we celebrate Passover, I extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. Passover is a celebration of redemption and freedom, all of us at Sapir College hope that we will witness the speedy and safe return  to freedom of all the people brutally kidnapped by Hamas.

Best Wishes,

Sapir College thanks its important partners including

Bank Hapoalim, Jewish Federations of North America, Leona M and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust, Keren Ima, Edmond De Rothschild Foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies, Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, Dan David Foundation, Yad Hanadiv, KKL Germany,  KKL Yisrael- JNF Israel, Keren Keshet, Philip Morris LTD., Schocken Foundation, Israel Corporation, AJC, Libra Philanthropies, Solar Edge, Kibbutz Shamir, Beth Israel Canada, JCF  Canada, PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Keren Gruss: The Joseph S. & Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund, Tzvoni Fund, Kehilat Raanan Beit Samueli, Waldman Family, Mitchashvim, Microsoft, Applied, Azrieli Foundation Israel, Keren Hayesod, TAWANI Foundation, Jewish Family Services San Francisco,  Intel, Solar Edge, Amdocs, Hippo
Board Members and Individual Donors from Israel and Overseas

You all make a difference!


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While Israel considers how to revitalize the devastated communities of Hevel Tkuma / Gaza Envelope, Sapir Academic College has just taken the first step. Sapir, the academic nerve center of the entire Western Negev, will devote most of its NIS 200 million in government rehabilitation funding to scholarships, enabling more students from diverse backgrounds to study in the region. Its flagship initiative will be free tuition for all first-year students.
The State of Israel is gearing up to rebuild the communities of the Western Negev, and Sapir College will play a key role in the effort. The government’s Tkuma Directorate for the reconstruction of the Gaza Envelope has approved a special NIS 200 million budget to strengthen the college's programs for students. This investment demonstrates a long-term commitment to Sapir as the social and economic nerve center of the Western Negev. Sapir is the largest employer in the area, with a payroll of 1,300 and an extensive network of local suppliers who bolster the regional economy.