Partnership with the Jewish Community in Florida

After the horrific events of October 7th, we learned that the Sapir community is not just limited to Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope)/Western Negev or Israel. We now have a growing global Sapir community, people who care deeply about our students and our region. Trudy and Seth Fine, a wonderful couple based in Florida (cousins of a faculty member), joined together with their community at Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El and Rabbi Uriel Romano to raise funds for Sapir College. They organized a number of fundraising events, including Pickle Ball.

The Swords of Iron war has highlighted the critical need for professional social workers and trauma specialists, throughout Israel. To address this pressing issue, the donors graciously decided to grant Excellence Awards of $3,500 each, for two excelling School of Social Work students, thereby expanding the pool of professionals for the future.

Sapir's School of Social Work promotes social justice, trauma interventions and well-being for individuals, groups and communities. Students are equipped to research and develop initiatives throughout Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope)/Western Negev and beyond, together with marginalized populations in the region and worldwide. Graduates work in a variety of significant roles in the therapeutic field.

At the ceremony, granting students Bar Malul and Ofir Peleg their Excellence Awards, Dr Leah Shelf, Dean of the School of Social Work, said: "During the most difficult period we have ever experienced, it is especially important to know that a Jewish community in Florida finds it important to support Sapir, its students, Otef Yisrael /Western Negev region and Israeli society, by fostering the next generation of social workers. On behalf of the students and School of Social Work, I thank the donors and their wonderful community for their dedication and commitment".


More News

While Israel considers how to revitalize the devastated communities of Hevel Tkuma / Gaza Envelope, Sapir Academic College has just taken the first step. Sapir, the academic nerve center of the entire Western Negev, will devote most of its NIS 200 million in government rehabilitation funding to scholarships, enabling more students from diverse backgrounds to study in the region. Its flagship initiative will be free tuition for all first-year students.
The State of Israel is gearing up to rebuild the communities of the Western Negev, and Sapir College will play a key role in the effort. The government’s Tkuma Directorate for the reconstruction of the Gaza Envelope has approved a special NIS 200 million budget to strengthen the college's programs for students. This investment demonstrates a long-term commitment to Sapir as the social and economic nerve center of the Western Negev. Sapir is the largest employer in the area, with a payroll of 1,300 and an extensive network of local suppliers who bolster the regional economy.