A group of researchers from the Department of Economics at Sapir College, led by Prof. Rafi Barel, were hosted in July 2023 in an academic conference at the Federal University of the State of Ceara in Brazil (Universidade Federal do Ceara -UFC).

The conference dealt with the promotion of innovation in non-high-tech activities and was attended by researchers from Ben Gurion, Reichman and the Rupin Academic Center, together with local government and industry officials.

The discussions at the conference focused on the difficulty of the periphery to integrate into innovation-based economic growth and were based on academic studies carried out by the researchers in peripheral areas in Israel and Brazil.

משלחת חוקרים מהמחלקה לכלכלה בכנס אקדמי באוניברסיטה הפדרלית של מדינת סיארה בברזיל

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Partnership with the Jewish Community in Florida After the horrific events of October 7th, we learned that the Sapir community is not just limited to Otef Yisrael (Gaza Envelope)/Western Negev or Israel. We now have a growing global Sapir community, people who care deeply about our students and our region. Trudy and Seth Fine, a wonderful couple based in Florida (cousins of a faculty member), joined together with their community at Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El and Rabbi Uriel Romano to raise funds for Sapir College.
Dear Friends, Thank You We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and generosity, which have been vital in helping Sapir College overcome challenges and pursue its mission of empowering education, especially during these difficult times. Your philanthropic contributions have facilitated various essential initiatives, including material and mental health support, campus security enhancements, equipment upgrades, refurbishments, and the provision of laptops for students.   Despite facing adversity, Sapir College commenced its academic year, online, on December 24, 2023.