In a viral video from last year, Ukrainian President Zelensky called upon his troops to lay down their arms and surrender. The clip might have changed history, but it was quickly exposed as an AI-generated fake. As was an image of former President Trump scuffling with police, and a litany of other false content involving celebrities. For better or for worse, artificial intelligence is here to stay.

At Sapir, we know that tomorrow’s leaders must learn to use this technology for good while defending against those who would exploit it with malevolent intent. Now, first-year Communications students at Sapir will take a mandatory course in digital literacy and AI to prepare them for the brave new world unfolding before our eyes.

Liron Drezner, an expert in communication and marketing, will train them to use advanced AI tools, while sociologist Dr. Omer Keinan will lecture on critical thinking and the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, fostering responsible and active digital citizenship. It’s another example of how Sapir combines cutting-edge theoretical and practical instruction to prepare Israeli society for the challenges ahead.

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While Israel considers how to revitalize the devastated communities of Hevel Tkuma / Gaza Envelope, Sapir Academic College has just taken the first step. Sapir, the academic nerve center of the entire Western Negev, will devote most of its NIS 200 million in government rehabilitation funding to scholarships, enabling more students from diverse backgrounds to study in the region. Its flagship initiative will be free tuition for all first-year students.
The State of Israel is gearing up to rebuild the communities of the Western Negev, and Sapir College will play a key role in the effort. The government’s Tkuma Directorate for the reconstruction of the Gaza Envelope has approved a special NIS 200 million budget to strengthen the college's programs for students. This investment demonstrates a long-term commitment to Sapir as the social and economic nerve center of the Western Negev. Sapir is the largest employer in the area, with a payroll of 1,300 and an extensive network of local suppliers who bolster the regional economy.