The 13th Midarom Multidisciplinary Arts Festival in the Negev town of Ofakim is a celebration of life and community.

The partnership between the municipality and Sapir College’s Culture, Creativity and Production Department, dissolves the boundaries between the artistic sphere and the public domain, transforming an entire city into a venue for creative expression.

Planned for March 20 -23, 2023, the festival will take place at multiple locations around town.

Among other events, the Ruth Kanner interactive theatre troupe will collect and reflect real life stories of people in the heart of a local neighborhood; fans of piyutim - traditional Jewish liturgical poetry - can sample and sing along with this time honored art form while touring iconic synagogues throughout the city; and Tal Friedman, noted Israel actor and comedian, will take his audience on a poignant journey of self-discovery at Beit-Hayotzer, an occupational therapy center for people with disabilities that will open its doors to the entire community in honor of the occasion.

At age 13, the Midarom Festival has taken its place as an anchor of cultural life in the Negev, and a leading example of how Sapir is empowering communities across the region.

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It was a crowning moment when 89 outstanding students at Sapir College received merit scholarships for academic excellence, 79 of them with great distinction and ten with the highest distinction. The fact that many of them hail from underserved communities in Israel’s social and geographic periphery only made it sweeter and more poignant. Liat Aleemo, a student at Sapir’s Cultural Studies program, explained how academic achievement is intimately connected to her own personal growth. “The opportunity to study theory at Sapir helped me frame my own experience in a broader social context.
It was the first event of its kind. Twenty seven students from the Sapir Academic College Innovation Lab met with representatives of JDC-Israel to pioneer a new approach to social service and advocacy. They’re all part of course at Sapir’s Communications Department, organized in conjunction with JDC, on the interface between digital communities and the third sector.  Under the direction of Dr. Omer Keinan, students follow and analyze relevant social media content and then build effective digital communities to help JDC improve its social intervention programs.