Sapir Academic College is thrilled to honor this year’s outstanding students.

Not only are we proud of their achievements. These exemplars of academic excellence are the fulfillment of our vision as an institution, and of the educational pioneers who made Sapir what it is today. To give this idea palpability and meaning, Sapir grants summa cum titles in the name of our most distinguished honor laureates, of blessed memory, such as the late college president, Prof. Zeev Tzachor, Prof. Uri Regev, founder of our economics department, and Dr. Moshe (Musa) Shelhav, former director of the college and a member of Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Surviving family members of these educational pioneers typically attend the awards ceremony to meet the students in person. This year, due to Corona restrictions, family members received individual gifts at home, but they are eager to be with us in person again next year and get to know the honorees.

Nine Sapir students were awarded summa cum laude this year, and dozens of others from all of our faculties - including the Gateway to Academia program, which offers aspiring young Bedouin students fill in the educational gaps they need to succeed - were recognized for outstanding achievement. Our honorees hail from a broad cross section of Israeli society, and from a range of cultural and religious backgrounds.  Above all, they represent tomorrow’s leaders of Israeli business, government, academia and public policy. In short, they are what our founders dreamed of.

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To Make a Better World

At Sapir, academia is not about understanding the world, but changing it. Students like Mia Levy make that happen. Now, Israel’s Council for Higher Education has honored Levy for outstanding volunteer service to the community. Mia, who recently completed her studies at the Sapir Academic College School of Social Work, conceived and launched a volunteer effort to assist the Bnei Moshe, a community of immigrants from the northeastern India. The Bnei Menashe believe they are descendants of the tribe of Menashe, exiled from their ancestral home in the 8th century, BCE.

The Bottom Line: Accounting Students come out on Top

In a modern economy, financial accounting is serious business. Reliable auditing is the very language that enables creditors, shareholders, government and business to interact and make rational decisions. At Sapir, training the most qualified personnel to fill this vital economic function is a growing academic priority. And now the results are in. Our graduates have scored first place in this year’s financial accounting exams conducted by the Auditors’ Council, the statutory government body that licenses certified public accountants in Israel.