Water Technology Practical Engineering

ד"ר מיטל אסרף שניר

Dr. Meital Asraf-Snir
Program Director
Email: asserafm@mail.sapir.ac.il

Life on earth depends on water. Population growth together with industrial and agricultural development have increased demand as well as pollution of this limited and essential resource. Over the last decade, water shortages have created existential challenges all over the world.

Throughout its existence, Israel has faced ongoing water shortages. It is now a leader in developing new technologies for desalination, wastewater treatment including repurposing treated water for irrigation and rehabilitating streams and rivers. To maintain our lead in water innovation, accessible clean water, advanced crops and industries, while preserving the environment and scarce resources, we need highly trained water tech experts.

Sapir's Water Technology Practical Engineering Diploma is the only certified course of its kind throughout Israel's southern region. Students gain high-level technical and practical skills in water and wastewater treatment; pipes and fittings; water supply, hydrology; together with working in an advanced laboratory monitoring water and wastewater quality, field demonstrations and visits to treatment plants and relevant industries. Our program offers comprehensive training in hydraulics, electricity and command and control; designed to enable the combination of work and studies.

Working in close collaboration with leading industries in the field, we cultivate students' expertise in utilizing up to date research and development of advanced water treatment technologies, maximization of current resources and methods to find new water sources. During the three year program, students can pursue Ministry of Health qualifications (in backflow, drinking water, wastewater, sewage etc.), to start working in the field. A high demand profession, we provide a broad employment platform for jobs in manufacturing processes, machinery operations, equipment and control, water treatment and purification plants, municipal water corporations, infrastructure companies and factories. Students acquire knowledge in a wide range of fields in both water and wastewater sectors. 

Final Project

To graduate and obtain their certification, third year students must complete a practical internship and or industry based research project in a variety of fields, including: agriculture, wastewater and water quality, utilization of water resources, planning reservoirs, power plants and industrial projects, etc. The internships and projects promote relationships with employers that provide potential job opportunities.

Alumni Careers

Graduates work in a variety of jobs in different fields in Israel and Israeli  overseas companies, including: water corporations; municipalities; desalination facilities; agriculture; Mekorot Israel National Water Company; Ministries of Health and Environment; Israel's Water Authority.  They also work at treatment facilities; water technology companies; engineering companies; hi-tech companies such as Intel; hospital water systems operations and power stations.