Israel | 2013 | 122 min | English | Hebrew subtitles 

Writer/director Ari Folman adapts prophetic science-fiction author Stanislaw Lem's novel The Futurological Congress to tell the tale of an actress (Robin Wright) who sells her likeness to a powerful film studio, which in turn transforms her essence into a chemical compound suitable for consumption by the masses. Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston, Jon Hamm, and Paul Giamatti co-star in this ambitious feature that blends live-action with animation to offer a cautionary look at the future of entertainment. 

Production: Reinhard Brundig, Sébastien Delloye, Piotr Dzieciol, Ari Folman, Piotr Dzieciol
Script: Ari Folman
Cinematography by: Michal Englert
Editing: Nili Feller
Music: Max Richter
Sound Design: Aviv Aldema
Cast: Robin Wright,  Harvey Keitel, Sami Gayle, Jon Hamm
Supporting Funds: Israel Film Fund
Festivals: Cannes

The Congress - The Official Trailer