Human Resource Management

ד"ר רונית אברהם נדיב

Dr. Ronit Nadiv
Chair, Human Resource Management (HRM) Department

The workplace is changing every day − but there is no substitute for human capital

Work is a significant element of an adult's life, but not many have the privilege of finding meaningful employment.  Sapir's Human Resource Management degree trains exceptional professionals who design meaningful work experiences for people in a wide variety of jobs.

In a world of rapid change and disruptive technology, many jobs are likely to disappear.  The World Economic Forum has ranked Human Resource Management, among the top ten professions enjoying accelerated growth. Demand will continue to grow in the coming decade

Responsive to new developments in employee management systems, our program integrates critical and creative thinking with high-level studies and skills. Equipped with innovative research methodologies, students gain evidence based practice for the most efficient and successful recruitment, selection, hiring and employee management processes. Our comprehensive and constantly updated approach is highly practicable in the quickly evolving global economy.  

Human Resource Management Department's practice based internship program places students in participating HR departments across Israel's southern region. Supervised by mentors, students gain practical management skills as they address actual workplace issues. Post-graduation, participating firms hire a number of former interns as full time HR employees.

Our graduates are in high demand. They are equipped to design and operate employee recruitment and retention systems, together with effective and efficient organizational management skills. In a recent alumni survey, 80% of our graduates reported that they work in Human Resource Management at local, national and multi-national businesses, corporations, nonprofits and various institutions in the Negev and throughout Israel.   

Many choose to pursue graduate degrees such as Sapir's Human Resource Management and Development MA Program. Others choose to study MBA and Organizational Consulting and Development degrees at other prestigious institutions.