A Collection of CILECT films

CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools, includes 180 leading film schools in 62 countries on six continents. Since 2006, CILECT has been producing a competition among member schools, in which the Outstanding Film is selected by democratic vote. The competition reflects the finest cinematic achievements by young students from around the world. The outstanding films bear out the collective predilection and educated appreciation of the global community of teachers and students, the future generation of international filmmakers. The School for the Arts of Sound and Screen at Sapir Academic College offers a course – "CILECT Films", where we rank the films and make a joint selection.
Cinema South Festival, in collaboration with the School for the Arts of Sound and Screen are offering a special program this year in which 8 CILECT films will be screened in each of the three categories – feature, documentary and animation – for the year 2019.


Prof. Aner Preminger
Filmmaker/Film scholar
Sapir Academic College
The Hebrew University, Jerusalem