Israel | 2022 | 18 min. | Hebrew | Experimental

Six dancers were invited to create a dance film out in nature, knowing nothing about it. The territory becomes a playground where they move in strange, aimless ways – they stroll, improvise, and find new options for movement. Naked of script, in an un-familiar environment, they establish closer relationships between themselves.

Production: Aviv Damry
Script: Itamar Baruch
Cinematography: Amichay Lavon
Editing: Yael Solomonovich
Sound Design: Tom Yehuda
Original Score: Yuval Manor
Participants: Lauren Sahara, Shahar Moshe, Roni Jo Lola Schneider, Eirad Ben-Gal, Nitay Oliver Juran, Lilaj Pall

Evaders - Official Trailer