Israel 2020 | 27 minutes | Hebrew | Documentary

Two women try to clean the filthy apartment that one of them lives in with 12 cats. The attempt to help is met with inner resistance to change and the more the dirt is removed, the more a new awareness seeps in.

Production: Smadar Epstein Plagi
Script: Smadar Epstein Plagi, Nir Dvortchin
Cinematography: Smadar Epstein Plagi, Vardit Goldner, aNONIMUS
Editing: Nir Dvortchin
Sound design: Ilan Admon
Original music: Rotem Asulin
Supporting Funds: The New Fund for Cinema and Television

לוגו הקרן החדשה לקולנוע וטלוויזיה



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