Israel 2021 | Hebrew, French , Arabic | Hebrew & English subtitles
 A man learns from a Moroccan fortune-teller that his sister is about to die. Together, they embark upon a fictional journey in an attempt to alter the prediction, revisiting the past and the present to defy an implacable future. But the prophecy still shadows them - as in life, so in cinema.

Black Notebooks – Viviane, 100 min. | Black Notebooks – Ronit, 108 min.

Production: Shlomi Elkabetz, Galit Cahlon
Script, Cinematography: Shlomi Elkabetz
Editing: Joelle Alexis
Music: Dikla
Sound Design: Itzik Cohen
Supporting Funds: Kan the Israeli Public Broadcast corporation (IPBC), The Film & Media Collaborative Gesher Multicultural Film Fund AVI CHAI, Maimonides Fund, The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports, The Israel Film Council, The New Fund for Cinema and Television, Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts
Festivals: Cannes, Jerusalem

Black Notebooks - The Official Trailer