Israel 2021 | 15 min | Russian, Hebrew | Hebrew and English Subtitles

A folkloristic fantasy that takes place during the Russian immigration to Israel in the 90's. Elina is a young immigrant who lives with her grandma in a small desert town, trying to fit in with her peers and overcome her mother's abandonment. Until a strange genetic phenomena interrupts - her body starts to grow feathers. Elina is forced to choose between the need to belong and her own identity.

Production: Amit Gicelter - The Hive Studio
Script: Hani Dombe
Cinematography: Tom Kouris
Lead animator, Editing and Compositing: Tom Kouris
Music: Frank Ilfman
Cast: Bar Misochnik ,Alla Shmaievich, Adi Sidlik, Noam Tal, Dana Cohen, Lotem Bartov, Gal Dornefeld, Mor Lavie
Supporting Funds: Makor Foundation for Israeli films, The Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts The New Fund for Cinema and Television With the participation of ARTE France
Festivals: JFF

Fledge - The Official Trailer