Israel 2021 | 5 min | Hebrew | Hebrew and English subtitles

During his show, a TV host freezes, remembering his disappointment with his mother, who could only focus on her desire to make him a new suit—a story about a generational gap, identity crisis and a very ugly suit. 

Production: Shaool Levy
Script: Shaool Levy, David Ashkenazi
Animation: Shaool Levy, Julia Trachtenbeg, Romy granot, Tsach Nachmias, Noy Friman, Michael Jackob, Oriya Ben Chaim
Editing: Gil Vesely
Music: Roei peter meirom, Ohad Elkouby, Omer Cohen
Cast: Amnon Levy, Ariella Levy
Supporting Funds: Makor Foundation

Ea'eb - The Official Trailer