Israel 2021 | 16 min | Hebrew, Arabic | Hebrew and English subtitles   

Shiri and her parents are going to a nearby Bedouin village to visit Amna, their devoted cleaning lady, after an accident in their house. The parents want to give Amna a decent farewell, while Shiri gazes at the landscapes of her childhood slipping away.

Production and Script: Guy Nemesh
Cinematography: Daniel Miller
Editing: Gil Vesely
Sound design: Michael Goorevitch
Cast: Maya Brand Feigenbaum, Gali Reshef, Hadas Kalderon, Lana Sa bra, Hitham Omari
Supporting Funds: Gesher Milticultural Film Fund
Festivals: TISFF

קרן גשר לקולנוע רב תרבותי
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Amna - The Official Trailer