Israel 2021 | 17 minutes | Hebrew | Fiction

Reut runs a pastry shop full of sweet fragrances, which repressed difficult memories she experienced as a child as she was sexually harassed by her father. She kept it a secret until her teenage daughter received an invitation from her grandparents for a trip to Paris. For the first time, Reut's anxieties about her ability to protect her daughter arise.

Production: Illy Schon
Script: Ronit Ifergan
Cinematographer: Itsik Ifergan
Editing: Ronit Ifergan
Sound design: Lior Waitzman
Original music: Yotam Aloof ,Roni Alter
Cast: Ofri Prishklonik Eldad, Dalia Shimko, Noa Ritterman, Yaron Levi Sabag, Ariel Ben-Har 

Fragrances - The Official Trailer