Israel 2018 | 85 minutes | Hebrew, Russian | Hebrew and English subtitles

In Stalin's Soviet Russia, a Jewish girl loses her memory and is drafted by the KGB. She works against her mother, who is secretly running the Jewish underground. The film indirectly focuses on the infamous "Doctors' Plot".

Production: Shalom Eisenbach, David Halperin
Screenplay: Ariel Cohen
Cinematography: Gal Genosar
Editing: Eran Yehezkel and Einat Glazer Zarhin
Music: Roei Avdar
Cast: Inna Bakelman, Evelyn Kaplun, Anna Shulick

Ariel Cohen
A graduate of Sapir College and resident of Ashkelon. Ariel wrote and directed over 15 feature films for the ultra-Orthodox audience that were viewed by hundreds of thousands around the world. His films were screened at local and global festivals. He wrote a script for an English speaking horror film called "Golem" that won critical acclaim and is now working on other international projects in the horror genre.

End Game - Official Trailer