Israel 2015 | 150 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

Perla, born into nobility, the daughter of coerced converts, is forced to escape the horror of the Inquisition on her own. She sets out on a quest for a brighter future in Istanbul with Gracia, her servant. On a journey with many twists and turns and obstacles, they are abducted and brought to the palace of her convert aunt Miranda.

Production: Shalom Eisenbach
Cinematography: Roey Roth
Editing: Elchanan Nussbaum
Cast: Libi Gldman, Razia Israeli, Veronika Caspi, Danit Shtrom

Rachi Elias
Director, producer and screenwriter. With 18 years in the film industry, Elias has won acclaim in the ultra-Orthodox women's movie-making industry. Elias is assisted by top notch producers, actors, cameramen and editors. The Jewish message is a central theme in her films, distinguished by piercing and rattling statements.


לוגו עיריית אופקים
לוגו מועצת נשים אופקים
לוגו מתנס אופקים
לוגו נעמת
לוגו המשרד לשוויון זכויות
לוגו קולנוע אופקים
לוגו מועצת הנשים של מרחבים
לוגו מתנס מרחבים