A new study by Clalit Health Services, Sapir College and Ben Gurion University shows that the second booster reduces mortality  due to COVID-19 by 78% for  people 60 +

The rapid emergence of the omicron variant led to a global resurgence of COVID-19. Israeli authorities approved a 4th vaccine dose (second-booster) for individuals aged 60 and above who received a first booster dose four or more months earlier. This study included all 563,465 members of Clalit Health Services (the largest HMO in Israel) aged 60 to 100, eligible for the second-booster. Mortality due to COVID-19 among participants who received the second-booster was compared with participants who received one booster dose. Death due to Covid-19 was 78% lower in the second-booster group. Our findings support essential evidence on the life-saving value of second-boosters in elderly adults aged 60 and over.

ד"ר רונן ארבל

According to Dr. Ronen Arbel, Health Outcomes Researcher at Clalit Health Services and Sapir College: “The study of a large cohort of more than 500,000 participants aged 60 to 100 demonstrated that mortality rates due to COVID-19 were 78% lower after a second-booster dose. The main conclusion is that the second booster is lifesaving.

This important research project, has received global attention, with articles published in Europe, Turkey, Canada, and the Philippines.

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