Testimony 710

Sunday | 03/03/2024 | 17:15-19:00 | Cinematheque | Tel-Aviv

"First aid for memory" is one way to define the welcome initiative of the volunteers of the civilian project "Testimony 710", which was born immediately after October 7 with the aim of establishing a database of the video evidence of the events of that black day in the history of the State of Israel.
The unprecedented scale of the events, and the extent of the casualties in all arenas and in all circles, pose a huge challenge when it comes to documenting the disaster from the personal perspective of the survivors. The activities of the organization's hundreds of volunteers came from the field, and from a human urge to hear, document, and help us remember the thousands of different perspectives on the great disaster.
The Cinema South Festival is excited to cooperate with the project, and to help make this important activity accessible to the audiences that we will meet at the various festival sites in Israel. During the days of the festival, the project volunteers will come to the film screening sites, meet the communities, and allow people to tell their story in front of the camera and preserve their testimony, for themselves and for future generations.
The hundreds of testimonies collected so far constitute a large-scale database that can be used in the future by filmmakers, investigators, and historians who want to hear about the inferno firsthand. In a special meeting with the volunteers of the project, the community of creators in the south, and Amit Goren, director of the Makor Foundation, we will discuss the various issues concerning the database of evidence as a basis for future cinematic work.

Moderator: Iris Zaki

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