Thursday | 21/03/2024 | 20:30-22:30 | Cinematheque Tel Aviv | Hall 2

Lior Weizman, one of the brilliant graduates of the soundtrack track at the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir College, who began to work at DB Studios while still in his fourth year of studies, where he made his mark within a short time. In the few years that he worked there, he left a deep and significant imprint on a very long list of soundtracks for film and television. His talent and special personality endeared him to everyone who had the privilege of collaborating with him. Lior was murdered on the morning of October 7th, on 34th road near Sderot, while on a cycling workout. At the special evening, a number of works whose soundtracks he created will be screened, together with speeches to be delivered by a number of lecturers and professionals who worked alongside him.

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