Monday | 04/03/2024 | 13:00-17:00 | The French Institute, Tel Aviv

Pitching for TV and network series – in memory of Modi Bar-On

Once again this year, students from the School of Audio and Visual Arts at Sapir will present a pitch to the industry proposing a television and network series that they have developed as part of their studies. In their pitch, the students will explain the essence and unique character of the project, their personal connection and what lies behind it, and the direction and development possibilities of the project, as well as the potential platforms or broadcasters. The pitch will be made to representatives of the television industry in Israel, who will give feedback and contribute from their experience. Selected projects will be awarded professional support and development grants. Anat Sela Inbar, head of the Development of Content for TV track at Sapir, will moderate the event.
Judges: Dganit Atias Gigi - director of drama at Yes, Karni Ziv - director of the drama department at Keshet 12, Adar Shafran - director/producer/chairman of the  Israeli Producers Association, and Ariel Weisbrod – head of content at Sipur.

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